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How to Study Math: Other Resources

Primo Search Box: Everything

Is your textbook working for you?

Strategies for finding alternate resources

  • Conduct an advanced search in Primo to find a alternate resource that will work for you.  In the example search in the link, it's searching for calculus in the title and any field that includes textbook.  Also, the "Material Type" is limited to books.
  • Use the advanced search in WorldCat to find additional resources.  In this example, we're using the same search criteria as above e.g. calculus in the title and textbook as a keyword.
  • See what textbook is used at a community college and request it through interlibrary loan.
  • If you prefer to buy the book, utilize to find the best price online.  I recommend searching by the ISBN of the book/reference.


Supplmentary Resources

Different publishers and other editors produced books that can be used as a reference or review for various math subject areas.

Interlibrary at ZSR

Use interlibrary loan to request items not available at the WFU e.g. ZSR Library, Carpenter Library, or the Law Library.


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