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MSBA Practicum Project: Resources

Resources for the MSBA Practicum Project

Company & Industry

It is always best to first review the Company's website!

Questions to help you generate search terms:

  • How would you describe what industry your company is in?
  • How would you describe the product/service the company is selling?
  • How would you describe the target customer?
  • What are some key words or phrases that jump put to you related to the problem or question you are working on? 

Market - Product/Service & Consumer

Search Term Suggestions:

  • Product/service category trends
  • purchasing and/or marketing channel (i.e. eCommerce, social media)
  • specific demographics of a consumer
  • specific psychographics of a consumer

Tutorials for Simmons Insights v. 2.0

Your Librarian

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Summer Krstevska
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Morgan Ritchie-Baum
251F Farrell Hall

Marketing & Advertising