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EGR 338, Bioprinting and Biofabrication: Search Techniques

Key word search

Use Boolean logic to narrow, broaden, or refine the search results.

  • AND
    • Intersection
    • Search for two terms or phrases in the same document
    • Example:  inkjet AND bioprinting

  • OR
    • Inclusion
    • Search for either term or phrase separately as well as together
    • Exampled: 
      • LIFT OR "laser induced forward transfer"
      • drop-on-demand OR DOD OR "inkjet 3D bioprinting"

  • NOT
    • Exclusion
    • Remove the search term or phrase from the results
    • Example:  stereolithography NOT additive manufacturing


  • Phrase searching (using quotations around phrases)
    • Examples: 
      • "laser induced forward transfer" specific term
      • "3D Bioprinting" book title
  • Truncation:  Search for variations in a word by using an asterisk
    • Examples:
      • filt*
        • filter
        • filtration
        • filters
        • filtering
        • filters
      • child*
        • child
        • children
  • Parenthesis:  Grouping key search terms/phrases
    • Examples:
      • biomaterial* AND (LIFT OR "laser induced forward transfer")
      • ("drop on demand" OR DOD) AND (advantage* OR impact* OR limit*) AND (bioprinting OR biofabrication)
      • stereolithography AND (advantage* OR impact* OR limit*) AND (bioprinting OR biofabrication)


Topical Search

Science Direct includes a topical index which separates topics by field.  Each entry includes excerpts from scholarly articles, books, books chapters, encyclopedias, and other resources produced by Elsevier.  If you locate a pertinent resource, search for the title on the ZSR library website.  If needed, request access to the resource using interlibrary loan.

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