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Marketing Management: Marketing Plan Research

Here you can find resources to help your Marketing Plan

Company & Industry Research

Company Information:

  • Company History
  • Products in the line
  • Product Categories
  • Brand's mantra
  • Competitors (industry)

Don't forget to check out Dewey's Bakery website and their competitors' websites!


Suggested Search Terms:

  • [company name]
  • [industry name]
  • "Cookie, Cracker & Pasta Production"
  • "Cookie and Wafer Manufacturing" 
  • "Grocery Wholesaling"
  • Search using specific competitors' names as search terms

Customer & Product Research

Consumer & Product Research:

  • Brand awareness
  • Image of brand
  • Strengths & weaknesses of the brand
  • Position in the market
  • Consumer preferences and behaviors


  • "cookies" AND consumers
  • "baked goods" OR "snacks" AND consumers
  • "Cookies" AND "consumer attitudes"
  • "packaged baked goods" AND "consumer preferences"
  • "packaged cookies"
  • "cookies" AND "market share"
  • "baked goods" AND "market size"
  • (consumer type/segment) AND (product)

Marketing Strategies

Questions to ask yourself when searching:

  • Which market segment(s) of the category should be targeted?
  • Potential areas of opportunity in category or brand?
  • How would you grow the brand going forward?

Search Term Suggestions:

  • "cookie" OR "packaged cookie" AND trends
  • (industry) AND (trends OR innovation)
  • distribution AND (product or industry)
  • "promotion strategies" AND (product or industry)
  • (company or industry) AND partnerships
  • (industry or product) AND "pricing strategies"

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