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Speed dating with databases and tools (Tuesday, June 27, 2023)

This guide is a summary of the databases and tools presented during the American Society for Engineering Education conference. The databases/tools presented were ChatGPT, Google Bard,,,, and Research Rabbit.


This research guide is a follow-up to the Engineering Libraries Division (ELD) workshop "Speed Dating with Databases and Tools."  The session was moderated by J. Denice Lewis (Wake Forest University) and each of the presenters are listed in the table below.  Each tab covers a specific database/tool, includes the presenter's contact information,  a quick video on the tools functionality, as well as additional resources to learn about the database/tool further.  Quick caveat . . . of the above tools, the functionality and look and feel may change rapidly in ChatGPT, Google Bard,, and Perplexity e.g. every couple of weeks and gradually with and Research Rabbit.  Each database/tool has a webpage or subscription email that lists any updates.

Presenters during "Speed dating with databases and tools"
Database/Tool Presenter
ChatGPT Matthew Frenkel
Google Bard Alfred Wallace Willow Dressel J. Denice Lewis Aleshia Huber
Research Rabbit Roman Koshykar


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