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Resources for Professor McFall's behavioral economics class

Think Tanks

What Are Think Tanks?

Think tank is a phrase used to describe organizations (usually non-profit) which conduct public policy research and analysis.
They often publish papers based on their research and make them available for free on their web sites.
Some think tanks are non-partison, but others advocate particular political positions. Be sure to take this into consideration when evaluating their material.


Other Policy Resources

Articles (Background info, case studies, etc)


Search Tip: Try Synonyms

  • Example: (child OR youth) AND poverty
  • Example: (pandemic OR epidemic OR outbreak)
  • Example: government AND (regulation OR intervention)

Search Tip: Think of different ways to describe the same problem or consider other effects or causes of the topic

  • Example: welfare OR "food stamps" OR unemployment
  • Example: "monetary policy" OR "interest rates" OR "price controls"


Statistics + Data Visualization

Suggested eBooks