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WRI 306: Rhetorical Educations - Theories of Writing and Writers: Home

Spring 2019

Finding Books

Use the ZSR Library Catalog to identify books, ebooks, and more available through ZSR. 

Search Tip: Find a title that is close to your research question. Use the Subject Headings listed below that title to identify more titles on the same topic. 

Related Subject Headings: 

Search Tip: Once you identify a few books that relate to your topic, pay attention to the Call Numbers to see if there is a particular area where most of those titles are held. Then go browse the shelves in that area to see what else is there! 

Finding Articles

Databases provide a way to search across multiple different journals at the same time to identify articles on your topic. Each of the databases below searches a particular set of journals. To determine the best database to search, think about your research question and what disciplines would be interested in that question. Still not able to find what you need? Ask a librarian!  

Search Tip: Break your research question down into keywords. These are single words or short phrases that describe the concepts in your question. Use AND to combine concepts and OR to search for synonyms for the same concept. For example: 

Logos AND (writing OR rhetoric OR composition) 

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