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POL 246: South Asian Politics: Background and Book Sources


This research guide is designed for students doing research in the politics of South Asia. If you run into any problems, or need more assistance, don't hesitate to contact me or to request a personal research session. ~ Rosalind Tedford

LC Call Numbers for South Asia

The following are the general call number ranges for books on South Asia. Use the ZSR Catalog to find more books on your subjects. 

  • General South Asia -- History: DS524-526.7 ; Politics: JQ98
  • Afghanistan:  History: DS350-375 ; Politcs: JQ1760s
  • Bangladesh - History: DS393-396.9 ;
  • India - History: DS401-486.8; Politics: JQ200-620
  • Nepal -- History: DS493-495.8 ; Politics; JQ628
  • Pakistan - History: DS376-392.2 ; Politics: JQ540s
  • Sri Lanka History: DS488-490 ; Politics: JQ650s

Subject Guide

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