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This research guide is designed for students doing research polarization in US politics. If you run into any obstacles, don't hesitate to contact me at Some general searching tips are below! ~ Rosalind Tedford


  1. When searching for multiple-word phrases, putting them in quotation marks really helps you get better results! (i.e. "Gun control" "United States")
  2. When you use an * at the end of a root word, you get all possible endings to that word - i.e. econom* gives you results with economy, economic, and economics. 

Resources for Depolarization Diagnoses Paper

Finding a quote: 

You can always just Google 'quotes about polarization' or 'Simpsons quotes' or whatever. But we do have some dictionaries of political quotations that might be useful. 

Finding academic sources:

Search the ZSR Online Catalog for things such as:

  • Polarization Congress
  • Partisanship "Republican Party" or partisanship "United States"
  • Politicization "Supreme Court" 
  • Polarization "Public Opinion" "United States" (can add an issue here like "gun control" or abortion)
  • Polarization society "United States" 
  • Search "solutions polarization" or "reducing polarization" to find sources on ways to address it
  • Apathy "United States" (can add a qualifier here - voting, politics, abortion, etc.)

Finding public opinion and other data on polarization:

Finding Cultural Examples

Finding Solutions

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