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Finding Articles in Business Magazines & Journals: Finding Articles Home

Basic Steps

  1. Use Find a Journal when you need to find a particular magazine/journal.
  2. Select a database to search for articles about a topic, a company, an industry or a product, .
  3. EBSCO Business Source Complete is a good startiing point for finding articles in almost any type of business magazine/journal.
  4. LEXIS-NEXIS is more news-oriented and is also good for research on business topics, companies and industries.
  5. To search for articles in The Wall Street Journal, use the ProQuest Newspapers database (coverage is 1984 to date).
  6. You can access today's Wall Street Journal and a 90-day archive through your personal subscription at
  7. We have special access to the subscription versions of two business magazines: the and
  8. Use the Google News interface to quickly access recent articles on news Web sites.

    Why use Article Databases?

    Using a search engine such as Google to search the Web for articles can be a useful approach to finding information on a topic, an industry, a company or a product.  Many newspapers, magazines and academic journals offer a limited amount of their content for free on the Internet. 

    However, for every article that one can freely access on the Web, there are thousands of other articles available only in the special databases subscribed to by libraries.  These databases usually provide the complete text of articles from thousands of periodicals in either PDF or HTML text format. 

    They also provide summaries of the articles, called abstracts, and other information about the articles that helps researchers find articles on a particular topic.  To do a thorough job of researching a topic, it is important to make good use of these special databases.  A Google search is useful but it leaves out a lot of information that is only accessible in library databases.

    The two most useful databases for finding articles in business publications are:

    Business Source Complete


    Subject Guide

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