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While it doesn't include everything ZSR offers, this is a good place to start. Choose different limits depending on your needs, e.g. "Peer Reviewed Journals" or "Videos." Limits by Date and Language are also helpful.

Databases for Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Search Tips

Watch out for variant spellings of names of works, characters, etc.

Example: An article about The Ring of the Nibelung may use the title Der Ring des Nibelungen, even if the article is in English.

Use a * to cut off a word at its stem, e.g. Nibelung*

Type the word AND (or use the second row) if you want to enter more than one word that is not an exact phrase.

ring AND nibelung*
will retrieve the most complete set of matches.

If you can't use a star to search for spelling variants, use OR
brynhildr OR brunnhilde

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