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ZSR Course Materials, Powered by Leganto

Guide to using and managing the Course Materials platform to share readings and other materials with your students

Course Materials, Powered by Leganto

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is transitioning to a new platform for providing its Course Reserves service. Along with a host of new features, this new platform is better integrated with Canvas and offers instructors a much more convenient experience to share course materials with their students.

Our current Course Reserves system will enter read-only mode for instructors and students on March 28th, 2024. After March 28th, instructors who wish to make edits or additions to their Spring 2024 Course Reserves materials must email

We have worked hard to migrate all recent Course Reserves materials to the new system, so neither you nor your students should experience a disruption in access.

We can't wait to see what you do with the new platform!

Important Dates

March 28, 2024 The current Course Reserves system enters read-only mode. Instructors should email to make edits or additions to their Course Reserves lists.
April 23, 2024

ZSR completes migration of all materials from Fall 2020 onward to the new system.

Instructors can activate the new system in Canvas and begin building lists for their upcoming Summer and Fall courses. 

May 6, 2024 Students can begin using the new system in Canvas. 
June 1, 2024 The old Course Reserves system retires. 

For questions or support, email or call 336-758-4931

Frequently Asked Questions

Our old system served ZSR well for more than a decade. However, it was not designed to be integrated with modern learning management systems like Canvas. Our new system provides a more seamless integration with Canvas and a far more convenient experience for faculty to create, manage, and share lists of materials for their courses. The new system will also come with exciting features for assigning due dates to readings, designing engaged reading activities, and linking directly to course materials from anywhere in Canvas.
We're working hard to migrate all of your current and recently-used materials to the new system, dating back to Fall 2020. In order to ensure we don't miss anything, we're putting the current system in read-only mode while we finalize the migration. If you need to make changes to your Spring 2024 courses, email Course Reserves at and they'll make sure your materials are added for you.
It's always difficult to time these kinds of things, and this transition is no different. While we know that any date would be disruptive, a late spring 2024 launch ensures that Wake Forest's online programs, which make heavy use of the Course Reserves system, can begin using the new system immediately for their summer term. A spring launch also gives ZSR staff time to learn the tool in greater depth so as to better support faculty as they build their fall 2024 courses.
No. We are working hard to migrate all Course Reserves materials added from Fall 2020 onward, including scanned PDFs, resources from library databases, and web links, to the new system. When the new system launches, you should be able to log in and view all of your previously used materials there waiting for you.
Not until June 1st, at which point our old system will be retired and existing Canvas integrations will be removed. If you choose to move to the new system, all you will need to do is activate it in Canvas, and your students will have access to all of the same materials as before.
Yes. We are actively working to develop comprehensive support materials and schedule training sessions for instructors. Training sessions will be offered in April and May 2024 and again in August 2024, with specific dates to be announced soon.
The tool in Canvas will be called Course Materials. The service provided by ZSR will continue to be called Course Reserves. You will also see references to "Leganto," which is the name of the software that powers the new tool in Canvas.
If you have questions that aren't answered here, contact your library liaison or contact ZSR Course Reserves by emailing or by calling 336-758-4931.