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FYS: Crying Wolf: Storytelling and the Moral Imagination: Finding Articles

Spring 2020

Search Tips

When choosing keywords think about the different ways your concepts might be described.

For example, some texts may call it a serpent, others may call it a snake. To search for either term, use OR

serpent OR snake

You might also want to search for two concepts together. To search for both terms together, use AND

fox AND symbolism

To search for two words together as a phrase, use quotation marks

"Indian folklore" 

To search for variations on a root word, use an asterisk

Chin*  (searches for both china and chinese) 


Article Databases

In addition to books, you may be able to find articles that analyze your particular fable or give you some background on the culture that produced it. Below are just a few of the databases available through ZSR that may help you answer those questions. Still not finding what you're looking for? Ask! 

History & Social Science Librarian

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