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FYS: Crying Wolf: Storytelling and the Moral Imagination: Background Information

Spring 2020

Wikipedia: Friend or Foe?

Yep, I know you're going to use Wikipedia. Wikipedia is great for some things, not so great for others. When it comes to academic research, it can be a good place to START, but it shouldn't be where your research ENDS. If you're using a Wikipedia article, remember that information had to come from somewhere! Look at the REFERENCES listed at the end of the article to find the original source. These may be books, scholarly research articles, encyclopedia articles, or other resources. VERIFY that the information is accurate in the original source, and cite that source, rather than Wikipedia. 

Reference Sources

Reference books are a great source for background information. Many entries may also have a bibliography of additional sources to help you further your research. 


These resources search across large collections of subject encyclopedias and other reference works for information about your topic. 


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