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BAN 6085 MSBA Practicum: Market Research

This is a guide to information sources that might be useful to MSBA students during their practicum assignment.

Market Research

Mintel Market Research: International in scope, Mintel has reports on many consumer product categories such as clothing, food and beverages, household products, health products, the retail industry, etc.  Requires registration of your WFU email and a password. 

BCC Research Full text market research reports on advanced industrial products/service. For example: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, IT, Chemicals, Energy, etc.

eMarketer Information and data about advertising and marketing to consumers via online, internet, digital, video, social media, etc.

Simply Analytics Create maps and tables showing location of consumers by demographic, economic and other characteristics.

Simmons Insights Demographic information on consumers by product, activity, attitude, etc.

Pew Research Center: nonprofit research center with freely accessible reports related to demographic and socioeconomic trends. 


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