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BAN 6085 MSBA Practicum: Company Background

This is a guide to information sources that might be useful to MSBA students during their practicum assignment.

Company Background

When researching a public company, it is a good idea to read the first section of the company's Form 10K (annual report) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  You can usually find the current and recent annual reports in the investor information section of a company's corporate website. You can also access annual reports and other SEC filings in the Standard and Poor's Capital IQ library database or on the SEC website,

Standard & Poor's Capital IQ S&P Cap IQ is the most comprehensive library database for public company financial data, ratios, SEC filings, transcripts of quarterly earnings conference calls, etc.  Also contains limited info on thousands of private companies.  To access Cap IQ, click New User on the Cap IQ home screen and create a login and password using your email address.

Corporate Affiliations: Provides basic information about major public and private companies and their divisions and subsidiaries. Includes extensive contact info, competitor list, brand names, etc. Useful for compiling lists of companies by industry, location and size.

RefUSA: millions of individual business locations. Search by any combination of name, industry, location and size.

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