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BEM 381: Introduction to Consulting: Home

Research guide for Professor Jarachovic's Introduction to Consulting course


Basic's of Industry Research


  1. Read industry profiles for industry overview and background. Search by industry name/description (ex: "dairy production"). 

  2. When researching an industry, look up the industry in a company database to learn some basic information about the companies that make up the industry. Search by industry name or industry code (NAICS or SIC).   

  3. Use article databases to find news articles about the industry. Use search terms that describe your industry (ex: "dairy production"). 

  4. Use IBISWorld report, Google or other search engines, to identify industry associations and other industry-related organizations (Ex: "dairy industry" AND associations).

    • Review industry associations websites for publications on industry information/overviews/trends. 

  5. Use market research databases to research industry products and services (ex: milk or "alternative dairy products"). 

  6. Research the major individual companies that make up the industry.  See the Company Information Guide for more information.

  7. Use finance databases to find industry finance information (ratios). You can determine a company's performance and strength within an industry if you compare that company's financial ratios with those if the industry. 


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