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Here you will find resources to help you research mergers and acquisitions


Here you will find links to resources that will aid you in doing the research required for Professor Lewallen's final team project. If you need any assistance with the listed resources, or finding information, please make an appointment with your librarian.

Suggested Resources for Company Information

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Suggest Resources for Industry Information


Each Team will conduct research on and perform a thorough analysis of a contemporary merger, acquisition, or divestiture deal that has recently or not yet been consummated. The deal for each team will be determined based on a list to choose from by Prof. Lewallen. 

Your team’s research and analysis should explore the following dimensions:
Acquiring firm. What is the history? What is the current portfolio of businesses, and how are they organized? What is the core competence of the corporation?
Target firm. Why this acquisition target? What makes it a compelling target? Why does it make sense strategically? Why does it fit with the current diversification strategy if the company? What will the acquisition bring to the company? What value will the company create for the acquired company? How will the acquired company fit with the existing portfolio of businesses? What synergies do you see existing between any current business units and the acquired company?
Industry Perspective. Why does the acquisition make sense given the nature of the of the industry environment for both the parent and the proposed acquisition? What are the key competitive and/or regulatory challenges for the proposed acquisition? How will the parent provide the necessary capabilities and resources to address these challenges?
Implementation. How will the parent structurally integrate the acquired company into the parent’s portfolio of business? How will it align with the parent company’s vision, mission, corporate themes and culture? How will it direct and manage the performance of the acquired company?
Financial Consequences. What are the details of the deal? What are the acquiring firm’s and target firm’s financials, and how will the consolidated financials appear? Who “wins” and who “loses” on this deal? What is the premium being offered for the target firm? How does the acquiring firm expect to achieve ROI?
Your evaluation of the deal. Does this deal make strategic sense? Does the acquiring company have an integration plan in place that makes sense? Does the deal make financial sense? Why? Or are there still questions in each of these areas, and if so, what are they? What other questions and concerns do you have? Discuss why these are concerns. What recommendations would you make to the acquiring company management about this deal?

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