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FYS: American Democracy in Five Novels: Home

Spring 2019


Welcome to the research guide for FYS 100: American Democracy in Five Novels. The resources below are designed to help you locate information about the context of historical events that influenced or were influenced by the novels that you read in this course. Still have questions? Ask a Librarian! 

Finding Background Sources: Basic Information

Search Tip: Keep your search simple. These resources provide factual information, rather than analysis. Use them to gather information such as names, dates, key phrases, and other ideas that may help as you search. 

Finding Secondary Sources: Analysis

Search Tip: Search the title of the novel or author’s name, plus a word that describes the historical event, to find articles that may address the historical context that informed the novel. 
Search tip: Consider different terms that historians may have used to describe the same event and put “OR” between them to search for any of those terms. Example: Wilmington AND (massacre OR riot OR coup)

Finding Primary Sources: Documents and Contemporary Accounts

Search Tip: Change the Publication Date on the left side to limit your search to articles from the time of the event. Click on Historical Newspapers (under Source Type) on the left side to limit your results to just those. 

Search Tip: Use the date limiter to narrow your search to the time of the event. When choosing keywords to search, consider how the event would have been described by a writer/reporter at the time. How might the words used in an African American newspaper differ from those in a white newspaper (like the NY Times)?

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