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BEM 221 Principles of Marketing - Professor Narus: Company, industry & Country Information

Resource guide for BEM 221, Principles of Marketing (Narus)

Industry Research

To understand a company and its competitors, you need to understand the industry of which it is a part.

Industry research involves the following steps:

  • Find an overview or summary of the industry
  • Look for articles on industry trends and forecasts
  • Gather industry statistics that support the trends and forecasts
  • Contact industry trade associations for further information

Potential challenges with industry research:

  • Small industries are often listed as a part of larger industries, in this case make sure to also look for more targeted market research.
  • Quality, availability/accessibility and cost of industry information varies (always compare multiple industry reports).
  • Emerging industries are often challenging to research because data hasn't been published and trends haven't been established (make assumption based on a relevant/proxy industry).

Country Resources

Suggested Databases for Industry Articles

Suggested Search Terms:

  • automotive industry or automobile industry
  • electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles and (trends or sales)
  • automobile industry and (product development or innovation or disruption)
  • automobile industry and competition
  • automotive industry and collaboration
  • tesla motors
  • automobile industry and (environmental policy or emissions) and (insert specific country or region)
  • automobile industry and regulations and (insert specific country or region)

Suggested Databases for Industry Reports

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