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BEM 221 Principles of Marketing: Marketing Articles (News, Trade Magazines, Peer-Reviewed)

Resource guide for BEM 221, Principles of Marketing (Narus)

Search Tips

1. Make a list of the important keywords for your topic.  You will use them in your search for information.

  • "student wellness"
  • "stress reduction programs" 
  • "student stress"
  • "campus recreation"
  • "campus wellness"

2. Put search terms that are phrases in quotation marks and connect search terms with "AND" & "OR".  For example:

      "stress reduction programs" AND "higher education"

      "college students" OR "undergraduates"

3. Make use of the filter boxes to focus your search results.  These are usually found on the lower part of the original search screen or on the left side of the search results screen (after searching).  For example:

  •       Publication/Source Type filter
  •       "Market Research" in the Document Type box 
  •        Publication Data filter

4. Look in more than online database.  You will find different things in each database.

Suggested eBooks

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