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BEM 221 Principles of Marketing - Professor Narus: Market Research

Resource guide for BEM 221, Principles of Marketing (Narus)

Market vs. Industry Research

Market research includes trends, sales, competitors, forecasts, consumer profiles, really anything related to the current state of the market.  

Market Research Articles


Use search terms such as:

  • automotive industry and international markets
  • automotive industry and (insert country or region)
  • automobile industry and product introduction
  • automobile industry and trends
  • (electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles) and consumers and (attitudes or preferences)
  • electric vehicles and (marketing or promotion or advertising)
  • luxury automobiles and consumers
  • brands and automobiles
  • (electric cars or hybrid vehicles) and (consumer segment: women, millennials, baby boomers, adults, etc)
  • green marketing
  • green living

Market Reports & Stats

Search Term Suggestions:

  • automobiles or electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles
  • female car consumers (or other segment of consumer: male, millennial, global/international, hispanic, German, etc)
  • car purchasing 
  • luxury cars
  • new cars
  • automotive innovations
  • marketing auto to (insert customer segment)
  • perceptions of auto brands
  • road trips or travel/tourism (impact from COVID)
  • green innovations in tourism
  • "slow travel"

Country Research

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