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BEM 221 Principles of Marketing: Home

Resource guide for BEM 221, Principles of Marketing (Narus)


Here you will find suggested resources to help you succeed in finding information to support your team project in Professor Narus's BEM 221 course.

Team Project Details (from syllabus)

Students will be divided into teams. The project will be based on the Wake Forest University’s Health & Fitness Initiative for Students. You team will have three tasks:

1) Research and report on WFU student problems, needs, and preferences related to health and fitness. You can interview students, hold a focus group(s), and/or conduct an online survey of students; as well as examine existing reports.

2) Propose a Health & Fitness Program that the university can implement to improve the physical and mental health of students. Such a program might include exercise regimens such as Cross-Training, Martial Arts, Cycling, Spinning, and Pilates. Stress reduction and management programs such as Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi are possibilities. Diet improvement and weight loss efforts can also be included.

3) Recommend promotions and incentives designed to make students aware of the program and encourage them to participate.


Written Report (10 points)
Each team will submit a written report on Wednesday, May 1 st , prior to presentations. The report can be a maximum
of 1,500 words with any number of charts, exhibits, or tables. The report should be written primarily in prose. You
may use a limited number of bullet points wherever appropriate. If you attach charts, exhibits, or tables, they should
be referenced and briefly described in the text of the report.

The report should address the following issues and feature these headings.
1. Executive Summary – One or two paragraphs that describe the recommended program and justify the choice.
2. Research Findings – Report on the problems and issues WFU students confront relative to Health & Fitness.
Discuss student preferences concerning health and fitness programs.
3. Health & Fitness Program – Describe in detail, the one program that your team believes has the highest
4. Promotions & Incentives – Explain how your team will “get the word out” concerning your Health & Fitness
Program to WFU students. Propose incentives to encourage students to participate.
5. Rationale – Based upon your research, WFU student needs, pros and cons of alternative programs, and other
insights provide a strong justification for your recommendations. Explain why your choice is the best possible.
Support your statements with market information as well as charts and diagrams.
6. Conclusion – In one or two paragraphs, explain how and why WFU students will be better off participating in
your proposed Health & Fitness Program.

Presentation (5 points)
Each team will be expected to present its recommendations in trade show fashion on Wednesday, May 1 st from 4:00
p.m. to 6:00 p.m. As there may be class conflicts, all team members do not have to be there. Borrowing from the
Apple Corporation, we will call the show – The Big Reveal. Each team will have a table on which they will display
a 3-panel poster board. The center panel should portray the details of your proposed Health & Fitness Program.
Photographs or illustrations in addition to text are encouraged. The left panel should contain critical research
findings relative to student needs and preferences. The right panel will have proposals for promoting your Health &
Fitness Program and encouraging participation among WFU students.

Professor Steward and Professor Narus, along with other faculty members and guests will visit each table. You will be expected to
present you recommendations briefly to each visitor and answer questions. Your team will turn in its poster boards
after the event.



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