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BEM 326A Brand Management & New Product Innovation: New Product Innovation

Resource guide for students in BEM 326A

New Product Proposal Objectives (from syllabus)

  • Identify and propose a new product innovation
  • Complete Year 1 (introductory) marketing plan, for a real company (i.e., Dewey’s Bakery)

Consumer Research

Recommended Databases:

Suggested Search Terms:

  • [product]
  • [consumer type (age, gender, etc)]
  • [marketing platform (Instagram, YouTube, Word of Mouth, etc)]

New Product Innovation Ideas

Recommended Databases for News, Trade, Magazine & Other Articles:

  • How would you grow the brand?
  • Competitive advantage

Search Term Suggestions:

  • distribution AND (product or industry)
  • "promotion strategies" AND (product or industry)
  • "new product development" OR innovation AND (product or industry)
  • (consumer type) AND (product)
  • (company name)
  • (industry name)
  • (company or industry) AND partnerships
  • (industry or product) AND "pricing strategies"

Suggested Websites for Demographic Data

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