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Paisley International Baccalaureate Program: Ancient Empires

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Hu Womack
Instruction & Outreach Librarian

Jon Moore
Reference Services Coordinator

Ancient Empires

A note about accessing online resources

You can only access ZSR's online databases or e-journals from on campus (on a public computer in ZSR Library or by connecting to a WFU Wi-Fi network on your own device).

You can access NC LIVE resources from home as long as you have a public library card.

1. Background research

It's vital to start your research by getting an overview of your topic from a reliable source. Here's where to start.

Reference Databases

Search thousands of well-vetted encyclopedias all at once.

Reference Books

2. Scholarly books & articles

Keep your search going by narrowing your topic to something more specific.


Improve your search by trying these keyword search enhancers.

  • (empire OR imperial)
  • ("History, ancient" AND imperial*)

Find scholarly books online

Find scholarly books in the stacks

Call number Subject
D31-34 Political and diplomatic history
D51-90 Ancient history
DE1-100 History of the Greco-Roman world
DF10-289 Ancient Greece
DG11-365 Ancient Italy.  Rome to 476
DS41-66 Middle East.  Southwestern Asia.  Ancient Orient.  Arab East. Near East
DT1-3415 History of Africa
JA81-84 Political science (general). History
JC51-93 Political theory. Ancient state
JV61-152 Colonies and colonization. History

Recommended books

Find scholarly articles


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