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FYS: Explorations in Translational Science: Finding Articles in a Database


Welcome! You've found the research guide for Dr. Miller's HES First Year Seminar. Hopefully these library resources will be helpful for your assignments and final project.

If you need more help, please email me for a research consultation.

-Sarah Jeong, MLIS 

New PubMed Tutorial

Finding Journal Articles

Here are some good databases fo find journal articles when starting your research:

PubMed Essential resource produced by the National Library of Medicine for finding scholarly journal articles on biomedical topics.

  • Set Filters: Last 10 years
  • Click on WFU Full Text Options to check if article is available

Scientific Papers

Information on Scientific Papers from Nature Education

Primary sources:

  • Present information and original research for the first time
  • Contain unique information
  • Uses a "peer-review" or "referee" process, in which articles are reviewed by other experts in the field
  • Review articles, which compile or analyze primary sources, are considered secondary sources

Scientific Writing

Subject Guide

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