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Finding Articles in Business Magazines & Journals: Find a Journal

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How to Find a Certain Article or Journal

The Find a Journal Function is useful for determining whether we have access to a certain journal, magazine or newspaper and, if so, what formats and years are available and in what database or library location.  Here is an example of how to use Find a Journal:

Let's say that you want to find a copy of this article:

"Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets," by James Narus, Harvard Business Review. Mar2006, Vol. 84 Issue 3, p90-99.

Type the name of the journal, Harvard Business Review, in the box labeled "Title begins with" on the Find a Journal page and click "Search."

 Your search results will indicate how to access Harvard Business Review (HBR) and the particular issue that you are seeking.

Harvard business review   

from 10/01/1922 to present in Business Source Complete
in Z Smith Reynolds Library Print Holdings

While the results indicate that both the Z. Smith Reynolds Library has HBR in print,  they also indicate that you can access full text articles from HBR in the database, Business Source Complete.  Click on the link to the database and your browser will launch a new window showing the year-by-year table of contents for HBR.  Find the March, 2006 issue and the article you want. 

Note that journal articles that you find in a library database may be in either PDF format or HTML/text format.  PDF format is best, but some databases (such as Nexis Uni) only contain a text version of the article.  In such a case, the article may not include graphical information (such as photos, charts, etc) that cannot be easily represented in text format.   But the article will still contain all the text from the original article.

When using the Find a Journal function, it's important to pay close attention to the database and year listings for each journal.  Different databases can contain different years of the same journal.





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