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Industry Research: Market Research

A guide to finding information about industries such as industry profiles, articles about industries and industry statistics.

Market Research

Use these databases to find market research about the products produced by the companies making up the industry in which you're interested. For more information about market research, see the research guide on Marketing Research


Euromonitor Passport: International in scope, Euromonitor has full-text market research reports and shorter, more frequently updated "comments" on most major categories of consumer products.  It also contains product and market statistics and links to useful web sites. Use the Search menu to search by word or phrase ("Text search"), by product and geographic categories ("Menu search") or by browsing ("Browse analysis"). You can also browse reports by using the menus at the top of the page: industries, countries, consumers, companies and geographies. 

Mintel Market Research: International in scope, Mintel has reports on many consumer product categories such as clothing, food and beverages, household products, health products, the retail industry, etc.  Requires registration of your WFU email and a password. 

BCC Research: In-depth market research reports mainly on non-consumer, advanced technology industries.

Gartner Technology Research: Gartner includes reports, statistics and analysis on a wide range of topics related to information techology.  Log in with your WFU login and password.



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