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Country Research: Statistics

A guide to finding economic, political and social information about countries. Includes resources for country profiles, articles about countries, sources of economic data and country rankings.




Statista: Click on "Outlooks" in the top menu and select "Country Outlooks."

Marketline Country Statistics: Provides macro/socio-economic and demographic data for 215 countries worldwide; both historically and forecasted.  To access this database from the Marketline home page, click Databases-->Country Statistics.

World Bank World Development Indicators: World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World Bank's compilation of data about development.  WDI provides access to about 800 development indicators for about 200 countries in areas such as balance of payments, exchange rates and prices, and external debt. 

Euromonitor Passport: Useful for social and demographic statistics.


NationMaster: NationMaster is a source of free economic and other data about countries.  Sources include the CIA World Factbook, the UN, and the OECD.  Some data can be easily converted to a graphical format such as a map or chart.

Asian Development Bank: Economic, financial, social and environmental indicators for 48 Asian countries.

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