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Company Research: Analyst Reports

A guide to finding information about companies such as company profiles, articles about companies, financial information, analyst reports and market research.

Analyst Reports

Morningstar: Provides a single analyst report for many major, public companies. Look for the tab labeled "Stock Analysis."

Analyst Reports in Bloomberg

Bloomberg provides only a few analyst reports for some major, public companies.

To find analyst reports about a company, look up your company on one of the Bloomberg workstations in Farrell Hall (or in the WFU Charlotte facility). On the main menu for a company, click "Research" to access a limited number of analyst reports.

The content of the reports varies widely, but they usually contain a mix of financial and descriptive analysis of  the company.  Remember that the audience for these reports is the investment community, i.e., institutional investors and individual investors who make their own investment decisions.



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