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Journalism: National Data


Statistical Abstract of the United StatesStart here for all your domestic statistical needs.  I suggest you use the index to find the char(s) you need, keeping in mind that the numbers listed there are chart numbers, not page numbers.  Need more detail?  Use the URL in the source which is listed below each chart.  The book is located behind the reference desk, and it's avialable online as well.

International Historical Statistics : the Americas, 1750-1993 REF HA175 .M52 1998

OECD Health Data
Covers health-related data for member OECD nations

Government Sources

Bureau of the Census

Consumer Expenditure Survey from the BLS

Executive Branch Agencies of the Federal Gov't.

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) - Nat'l Income and Produce Accounts (GDP, etc.), international and regional data   

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) - more than 250,000 long series; unemp. and price series most prominent

Conference Board - "Leading Economic Indicators", and "Consumer Confidence" and other non-govt. data

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) - current federal spending and revenue; macro forecasts

Federal Budget for the Fiscal Years 1996 to the Present - summary and very detailed federal budget info

Survey of Consumers from the Univ. of Michigan - well-known survey of consumer attitudes 

Voter Registration Data from the Bureau of the Census

Data on the Web

The Dismal Scientist
This site offers regional and national economic data and analysis on the U.S. economy. It also provides a CPI (consumer price indices) calculator, a PPI (producer price indices) calaculator, a dictionary of economic terms, and a calendar of upcoming economic releases.

This is an electronic source of regional data with links to Federal data.

Economic History Services presents a variety of domestic statistics and an encyclopedia of economics on its site.

Scout Report: Sign Post
Indexes by Library of Congress Subject Heading (scroll to the bottom of the screen). Links to various scholarly web sites.

Statistical Resources on the Web
"Meta-index to statistical web sites and individual statistical publications arranged by broad subject category from the University of Michigan Documents Center." Subjects covered include: agriculture; business and industry; consumer; cost of living; demographics; economics; education; energy; environment; finance and currency; foreign economics; foreign governments; foreign trade; U.S. government finances; health; housing; labor; military; politics; science; sociology; transportation; weather.

Subject Guide

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