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ZSR Library Guide for International Students: Campus Resources

Study Rooms

The library has 10 group study rooms for the use of Wake Forest University students only. Three are accessed through the 24/7 Study Rooms at the front of the library, four are located on Reynolds 2, opposite the Circulation Desk, three more are on Wilson 6.

Reservations for the group study rooms are made using our online study room reservation system. You can book up to two hours per day up to 5 days in advance. WFU username and password are required to make a reservation.

Graduate Student Lounge

The Johnson Graduate Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the Reynolds Wing, beyond the 24/7 Study Room on the right as one enters the library. The Johnson Graduate Lounge is available for graduate students. Access is gained by placing their key card at the card reader at the left of the entrance door from the 24/7 Study Room or from the exterior west side building entrance.

Graduate Carrels

The library has 90 small study carrels located on various levels of the Reynolds stacks. These are assigned by the Circulation Department for the use of faculty and graduate students on a first-come, first-served basis. Email Peter Romanov in Circulation to reserve a carrel. All Graduate Students are required to leave a $20.00 cash deposit.

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