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Indigenous Peoples: Art & Artifacts

This guide supports Prof. Ulrike Wiethaus' courses on Indigenous Peoples.

Resources from NMAI for Native American Heritage Month

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Exhibitions and Collections

Sources for Images

Sources for audio and video

Horse Nation

The National Museum of the American Indian has a new exhibit called "A Song for the Horse Nation" which will run through January, 2013.  In conjunction with the current physical exhibit, the museum has created a virtual exhibit.  Click through the tabs along the top and left-hand side to see and read about it. 

Exhibits & Collections


In conjunction with National American heritage Month, the National Museum of the American Indian presents this list of sources for images and photographs.

Audio and Video

The following audio and video presentations are a sampling of the material related to Native American history available from the Library of the Congress and other partner agencies of the National Museum of the American Indian. These include Webcasts as well as musical recordings and unique sound artifacts, such as the stories of Native Americans.

Please note: This list represents only a selection of the digital and physical holdings of the participating agencies.

Library of Congress

National Book Festival


Poetry (National Book Festival, Library of Congress)


National Archives

Subject Guide

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