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Indigenous Peoples: Arctic Peoples

This guide supports Prof. Ulrike Wiethaus' courses on Indigenous Peoples.


Alaskan and Arctic Cultures
The Smithsonian Institute has a wonderful site documenting arctic Indigenous People

Demographic and Geographic Sketches of Alaska Natives
A bit dated, but this report provides some great data.
This site provides online materials about Alaska Native history, education, languages and cultures.

The Inupiat Heritage Center
This center, located in Barrow, Alaska, celebrates Arctic Peoples.

Oceans North
The Pew Environment Group initiated Oceans North to promote science and community-based stewardship of North America’s Arctic Ocean and the resulting well-being of indigenous residents who rely upon its natural wealth.

Sami - reindeer herders of Norway
Here's a beautiful slide show of the Sami herding reindeer

PBS Documentary "The Silence"

In the Frontline documentary "The Silence" members of an isolated Native Alaskan village tell their stories of abuse by the local Catholic priest.  Video and photographs are interwoven with interviews with tribal members and narration by the investigative reporter who brought the story to light.  The material may not be suitable for young viewers.

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