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Indigenous Peoples: Spirituality

This guide supports Prof. Ulrike Wiethaus' courses on Indigenous Peoples.

Dakota Medicine Man

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Portrait of Cante Wanica (No Heart), an Anktonai Dakota Medicine Man, circa 1912  

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Web Sites

American Indian Religious Rights Foundation -- Objectives are to build a public foundation of support to secure and protect the religious and spiritual needs of the American Indian prisoners.

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation -- Committed to assisting in the return of sacred ceremonial material to the appropriate American Indian tribe, clan, or family.

Directory of Native American Churches – List compiled by the Utah Native American Church Branch.

N.A.I.R.S.O., The Native American Indian Religious Service Organization, Inc. -- “Promoting traditional ceremonies, by making available sacred articles to those in need, and by promoting public awareness, education, and sensitivity to indigenous spiritual values.”

Native American Spiritual Freedom in Prison -- Provides details and documents for the Randall Trapp, et al. v. Commissioner DuBois, et al. case and includes links to related resources.

Native Religion.Org -- Hosted by the Pluralism Project at Harvard University, this site offers an interactive map and case studies related to the preservation of sacred sites and struggle for religious freedom. 

Peyote.Org -- Offers a survey of peyote religion and a wealth of links to related resources.

Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth --  Intertribal coalition of elders committed to preserving culture for future generations.

Crow Tribe and Bison
This site explores the role of the bison in the physical and spiritual lifes of western tribes.

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