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Indigenous Peoples: Cherokee Nation

This guide supports Prof. Ulrike Wiethaus' courses on Indigenous Peoples.

Cherokee Warriors

Cherokee Warriors While Visiting London in 1762 " />

Cherokee Warriors While Visiting London in 1762

Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution

Cherokee Formulae

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Notes by James Mooney (1861 - 1921) of Cherokee formulae of medicinal plants

Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution

Pres. Jackson

Indian Removal (1835). Extract from Andrew Jackson's Seventh Annual Message to Congress

Cherokee Nation
A visitor website for the Eastern Cherokee. Contains interesting section on Cherokee history, legends and crafts.

Cherokee History and Culture from

Cherokee Nation
The official website of the Cherokee Nation

Cherokee North Carolina

Cherokee Preservation Foundation
A foundation dedicated to preserving Cherokee culture and improving the community. The website for the Eastern Cherokee of North Carolina

History of the Cherokee
Written by a member of the Western Band of the Cherokee 

NC Cherokee Reservation Genealogy
See the section on sources and references.

North Carolina Museums Council
Note the Indian museums in the Cherokee and Eastern Lumbee communities, and absence of them in Guildford County.

Oconaluftee Indian Village
This Cherokee village educates visitors about Cherokee history and culture while creating jobs and income for the community.

Primary Documents in American History, the Indian Removal Act
The Library of Congress present these documents, treaties, Congressional documents, letters and other items related to removal of the Cherokee from the Southeast.

Cherokee Legal Documents Path. 
The site presents legal documents including the constitution of the Cherokee Nation and others.

NativeWiki is the Native American version of Wikipedia.  There's a section on the Cherokee Nation.  Click on Nations and Peoples in the left-hand menu bar to access a list of tribes for which articles are available.

Myths and Sacred Texts of the Cherokee

Resesource Guide for Cherokee Studies from Western Carolina Univ.

Native Americans of the Southeast: a research guide from the Belk Library at Apalachian State University


    Archival Resources

    The Smithsonian Institute maintains a very large collection of manuscripts, photographs and other items in its archives.  Click here to see a selection of photographs of these items.  To see a larger version of an image, click on it.

    Photographs and Images from the Tennesssee State Library's Archives.

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