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Indigenous Peoples: Maps and Atlases

This guide supports Prof. Ulrike Wiethaus' courses on Indigenous Peoples.


Maps and atlases can provide valuable information about tribal lands and European incursion on Indian territory.  On some maps you can also see the locations of Indian villages relative to early European settlements as well as Indian trails that later became major highways.

Cherokee Lands

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The boundaries of the Cherokee Country prior to the European invasion.


Historic Atlas of the United States REF G1201.S1.H5

The Atlas of American Indian Affairs REF G1201.E1.P7

The Atlas of North American Exploration REF G1106.S12.G6

The North Carolina Atlas REF G1300.N7

Maps of Indian Lands

Here's a link to a map from the U.S. Geological Survey of Indian lands in North Carolina.

Rare Map Collection from the University of Georgia
search on "Cherokee" in the Colonial section

Here's a link to the Images & Maps section of the Cherokee History website

The Mapping of America GA401.S38

Mapping History
From the Univ. of Oregon, this resource offers maps of America before and after Europeans arrived.  Click on 'American History' and proceed through the sections.

North Carolina in Maps MP75 GEN 1585 - 1896

PBS's New Perspectives on the West provides interactive maps of Indian territories and trails

The Southeast in Early Maps GA405.C8

The David Ramsey Collection of Historical Maps

The University of N. Carolina has digitized numerous maps of the U.S. and North Carolina

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