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ECN 221: Public Finance: Privatization

Prof. Jac Heckelman's course ECN221 Public Finance


Privatization Database:
This World Bank database can be searched by sector or region; it includes more than 1,800 transactionf from 2000 - 2008.

Private Participation in Infrastructure (PPI) Database

This World Bank resource documents more than 4,300 infrastructure projects in 137 low- and middle-income countries.  The database is the leading source of PPI trends in the developing sworld, covering projects in the energy, telecommunications, transport, and water and sewerage sectors.

Privatization Barometer
Privatization Barometer, funded by Fondazione Ei Enrico Mattei, is a nonprofit research institution devoted to the study of sustainable development and global governance.  Its geographic focus is Europe.


Subject Guide

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