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World Theatre Research (Summer 2024)

This guide is for students doing research in World Theatre.

World Theatre Background Resources

Finding Journal Articles

Scholarly Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles can be located through the Performing Arts Periodicals Database, as well as through history and multi-subject databases.  If you are looking for scholarly/peer-reviewed/academic articles (as opposed to performance reviews or essays), look for these features:

  • at least 8-10 pages in length
  • author is an academic (professor, PhD, researcher, etc....) or in some cases a practitioner (director, actor, set designer, etc...)
  • published in an academic journal (Theatre Journal, Theatre Research InternationalPerformance Research, Women & Performance, etc...)
  • the bibliography is appropriate for the article length

You can use the same searching techniques in journal databases as you did in the library catalog.

Use the following databases to search for journal articles on your topic: