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POL 280: Research Methods in Politics and International Affairs: Journal Articles

Comparative & Int'l Politics Journals

While we usually suggest using our databases to search across hundreds of journals at one time, the journals listed below are some of the most prominent in Comparative and International Politics and so can be a useful thing if you want to browse for potential topics. 

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles from the ZSR Homepage

This video will explain how to use the search box on the ZSR homepage to search Primo to find scholarly journal articles. We also have a video that will show you how to find scholarly articles using subject databases

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles Using Subject Databases

This video will walk you through how to use our subject databases to find scholarly journal articles.  We also have a video that will show you how to find scholarly articles from the ZSR library homepage

Scholarly Journal Databases in Political Science (and related disciplines)

The databases below are the ones most frequently used by students doing political science research. The list starts with the politics-specific databases but also lists the many databases we have in related disciplines that often contain relevant sources. Politics is a very interdisciplinary thing, so looking at other databases is often very useful! 

Databases for General International Politics and Government 

Databases for International Military and Security Issues

Databases for International Policy and Issues 

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