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EGR 111, Researching the Pre-Modern Engineer: Creating the Infographic

Finding Images

You can use the following websites to search for images available on the public domain or with a creative commons license.

What not to do . . .

An infographic by definition is a " a chart, diagram, or illustration (as in a book or magazine, or on a website) that uses graphic elements to present information in a visually striking way."  Merriam-Webster dictionary.  Key questions to ask yourself . . .

  • Is it full of text?  If the answer is yes, it's time to edit your essay and find images to convey the words.
  • Are the images appropriate to the topic?  If your images appear to be tossed in at the last minute or in no relation to one other nor the content, you can format the images (border, sizing, etc.) to make them appear harmonious.
  • What color palette is being?  Did you consciously choose or start splashing different colors on the page?
  • Is there a flow for the eye to follow?  Sometimes, there’s a natural progression.  Other times, you may need to direct the eye along the page.
  • Can you see everything you need to see if you stand 5 feet away from the infographic?  Is the text too small?  Reduce the amount of text and increase the font size.  One method of doing so is to use bullet points versus paragraphs.  How does it appear e.g. aesthetically pleasing to the eye or a hodgepodge?


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