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EGR 111, Researching the Pre-Modern Engineer: Additional Information

Class slides

Access a .PDF version of the slides reviewed in class here.

Quick Start Videos and Additional Training

A quick start video for the product/database along with additional training/webinars are included below for AccessEngineering, Engineering Workbench, SciFinder-n, and Web of Science.


Engineering Workbench


Topics covered:

      • Getting Started
      • Substance Searching
      • Reaction Searching
      • Reference Searching
      • Patent Searching
      • Biosequence Searching

Web of Science

Zotero Quick Start

Download Zotero from the website  You can also download the Zotero Connector for Chrome as well as for Firefox from the same website.  First, download the software for your operating systems e.g. Windows (PC) or Mac.  Second, while using Firefox/Chrome, install the connector from the website

The website includes instructions on installing the Zotero add-on to Word.

Lastly, Zotero does have a quick start guide at (  Videos on using Zotero are included on the ZSR YouTube channel as well at

I'd recommend creating a group in Zotero to share the resources that you find.  Information on creating a group in Zotero is available at

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