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EGR 111, Researching the Pre-Modern Engineer: Choosing the Software

Infographic Resources

Citation Style Guide

The link below includes information on citing using the IEEE style.  For additional information on other citation styles, I've included a link to the ZSR research guide on citations styles below.

Choosing a Tool/Software

First, consider how your team will work on the overall project. 

  • Is only one person working on the infographic and the rest of the team providing feedback?
  • Are all of you working on the infographic together?

Adobe Create Cloud offers different tools to create an infographic.  You can download Creative Cloud for free as a student from the IS website.  Adobe InDesign or Illustrator are two options.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud from  After you download Adobe Create Cloud, you can download InDesign or Illustrator from within Creative Cloud.

The websites below list other tools that can be used to create an infographic:

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