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WRI 111: Ethics of Persuasion: Journals + Databases

This guide supports Dr. Branch's WRI 111 course.

Search Tips

Good searching can shorten your research time significantly. Here are some tips from the pros:

  • Use quotation marks around a phrase to inform the search engine to look for exactly the phrase you enter- for example "food desert" or "youth activism".

  • When searching for a keyword with multiple variations (ex. "education", "educators") use the root form of the word and add an asterisk (*). This means using educat* will retrieve items that have all variations-- "education", "educators", etc.

  • Be specific: A search for "housing crisis" and eviction* or "rental cost" is better than one for "affordable housing"

  • Use the built-in database filters to focus your results- most interfaces let you limit by publication date, subject, format and more

  • Finally, ZSR Librarians are here to help you find the best sources for your research assignment!

General & Subject Databases

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