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COM 250: Communication in Entrepreneurial Settings: Home

Resources suggested for Professor Gill's COM 250 course's organizational assessment project

General Search Strategy

Search by company name (both private or public) or industry and add other search terms relevant to your project such as:

  • "organizational behavior"
  • "interpersonal communication"
  • "organizational culture"
  • "corporate culture"

If you are looking in a ZSR database (such as ProQuest) use the publication/source type filter to make sure you have academic articles in your results, as well as trade publications!

Don't forget to explore the company's website and social media platforms.

Company Background Research

Search Library for books, ebooks, etc

Use the filters on the left-hand side of the results screen after searching for your company name to limit results to what is available online!

Academic articles & long form journalism pieces

New York Times Online - You can also now access the full version of New York Time's Online. Click here to learn how. 

Organizational Culture & Social Science Journals

Sources for Social Listening

Social listening is learning about a company, brand, or product through online sources such as social media sites, review sites, and special software programs that track mentions of specific phrases across the web. Below are examples of websites that can be used when undertaking "social listening" as it relates to learning about a company's culture. 

Search strategy - In addition to searching on your company's specific social media or hiring-related sites, utilize hashtags including #[company name] along with hashtags such as #corporateculture #companyculture #employee #workplaceculture #workplacewellness etc. when searching on sites such as Twitter. 

Remember reviews and personal opinions shared in these sources tend to be filtered through other's experiences but you can look for patterns to inform your analysis of a company's culture and generate new search-terms that can be utilized in academic or news sources. 

Social Media Sites

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok 

Review & Hiring Sites

Glassdoor, Indeed 

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