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BEM 325 Consumer Behavior - Beahm: Retail Audit

Resources for Professor Beahm's Consumer Behavior class.

Retail Observations: Company Research

Competitors: Industry Research & Reports

Retail Assessment: Market Research & Reports

Search term suggestions:

  • grocery shopping
  • grocery retailing
  • hispanic consumers & the perimeter of the grocery store
  • grocery pricing and promotion
  • online grocery shopping

Retail Recommendation: Evidence

Search term suggestions:

  • "grocery industry" AND (innovation OR "new product development")
  • "retail grocery industry" AND (sales OR revenue)
  • [company name]
  • ("Grocery stores" OR "Supermarkets") AND (sales OR revenue) 
  • "retail grocery industry" AND [consumer type]
  • "retail grocery industry" AND merchandising
  • "retail grocery industry" AND ecommerce
  • "retail grocery industry" AND "guest services"

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