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Accessing Current News via the ZSR Library: Home

This guide contains instructions for accessing a wide variety of reliable, subscription-based, current news sources via the ZSR Library.

About this guide

With social media so full of mis- and disinformation, people often lament about how they don’t even know where to go or how to get news and information they can trust. This is doubly true when social media and news websites are so full of clickbait headlines and outrage in the comments sections that we often don’t even read the stories before we decide what they say and how we feel about them. [We often wonder why news outlets even have comment sections - we lived for centuries without them on our news stories. The answer, of course, is that comments drive viewers and clicks, and viewers and clicks are how our news companies are making money now that we don’t subscribe to them anymore but that’s a topic for another blog post with a little nudge at the end of this one.]

So we here at ZSR want to give you some tips for how you can use our resources to have reliable news sent directly to you each day. This way you can skip the echo-chambers and just look at the news without being distracted by the angry comments or over-the-top headlines.

Other reliable, news sources that require individual subscription

While all of the current news sources below are available via the ZSR Library databases, to access their website or app, an individual subscription is required. (Please note the individual discounts for a .edu email address!)

Accessing reliable, subscription-based, current news websites and apps available via the ZSR Library.

While the ZSR Library subscribes to many more news sources that those listed below, (that can be accessed via the ZSR Library databases) these are the new sources that offer either website access, app access, and/or have options to receive daily news updates.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal: Thanks to the WFU School of Business and WFU Student Government, ZSR offers the entire WFU community access to (and this includes the app) but you do need an account to access it. Sign up for your account at using your email address. Once you have that account, you can go to their newsletter page and select the newsletters of most interest to you. They have a daily news one, a Coronavirus one, and not surprisingly a variety of business-related ones. There is a research guide with more information on getting data and business information from the ZSR Library's WSJ subscription. 

The Economist

The Economist is another publication where ZSR provides access to the web content for free, but users need an account to subscribe to their newsletters (the upper right corner of the website is where you manage your account). Once you have the account you can go to their newsletters page (click menu in the top banner and then Newsletters on the far right) and select which you want emailed to you. Note that a couple of these are not available to institutional members, but only to individual paid subscribers. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education, similarly, is provided to you through ZSR but requires an account (free - use your email address or a address to sign up) to get newsletters sent

There are three ways to access The Chronicle:

  1. Domain access: Go to . Use the login feature to create an account. Be sure to use your WFU email account. Once that's set up, you can use this username/password on any device.
  2. Proxy server access: If you start from a library webpage and follow links to get the Chronicle, you'll be prompted to login with your WFU email account.
  3. VPN access: If you're already logged into VPN, you will be treated as if you were an on-campus user when you go to .

National Journal

National Journal: One final source of US political news that might be of interest to our political junkies out there is our access to National Journal’s site and suite of information products. Access is provided via IP address, so you will need to be on VPN or on campus to take full advantage. To subscribe to any of their content you will need an account and you can email our National Journal subscription representative Sarah Hoffman at to get an account set up for you. Our institutional subscription does have some limits (presentations aren’t included) but does include access to their events section where there are some great speakers and other online opportunities. If you want more info on our subscription to NJ, contact Rosalind Tedford at

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