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ZSR Library

HST 311: Tea in History and Art

Fall 2022 - Hellyer

Making the Most of Books & E-Books

  • ALWAYS browse the books near the one you are looking for. If there is one book on your topic, chances are there are more and they will all be shelved together. In our discovery catalog, look for the "Virtual Browse" at the bottom of the item record to see both physical and digital items that are "shelved" next to a particular title.
  • Briefly look through the table of contents and/or indexes for relevant material for your paper.
  • Ebooks are full-text searchable, so search for specific keywords within the text to identify the most relevant sections of the book for your research question. 
  • Read the introduction, foreword, etc. to get a feel for the book's purpose and point of view. Sometimes the introduction to a complicated topic gives you enough of a summary to help you form your own thesis or structure your own paper. 
  • Take note of appendices that may contain maps, chronologies, etc. 
  • Use the notes and/or bibliographies at the end of each chapter or the end of the book to point you to other secondary and primary sources.
  • If you're able, download the relevant chapters as PDFs so you can mark them up with notes, either digitally or by printing them out. 

Primo Search Box: Everything

Primo Search Box: ZSR

Primo: ZSR Discovery Catalog

Use Primo to locate materials available through ZSR Library. Search by keyword, author, title, or subject, or use the Advanced Search option to combine these features. There are two search options: 

  • "Everything" searches books and ebooks, individual chapters, individual journal and magazine/news articles, government documents, HathiTrust books
  • "Library Catalog" limits your search to books, ebooks, films, and similar materials.

Use the facets on the left to limit your results to certain item types, date ranges, etc.

Books may serve as either primary or secondary sources, depending on the content and when they were written. Books may also contain references to primary source material in the text or in the bibliography. 

You can start with a keyword search to identify relevant items. From there, look at the subject headings used to describe that item to identify other potential items (click on the subject heading to see all other items that are tagged with that subject). 


screenshot of subject headings for tea and social aspects

To locate potential primary sources, use the Advanced Search option to search in the Genre field for items that contain the generic term, sources, or more specific terms such as diaries, letters, correspondence, autobiography, interviews, or personal narratives. (This option is only available in the Library Catalog search.) 

catalog record for the tea purchaser's guide

Some call number ranges that may be helpful: 

  • GT2905 > Customs relative to private life > Eating and drinking customs > Food and beverages > Beverages > Tea 
  • TX415 > Nutrition > Foods and Food supply > Beverages > Tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. 
  • HD9198 > Agricultural Industries > Tea and Coffee > Tea. Mate. 
  • E186-199 > United States > Colonial history (1607-1775)
  • E201-298 > United States > The Revolution (1775-1783)
  • E300-453 > United States > Revolution to Civil War (1775/83-1861)
  • DA > History of Great Britain

Searching Beyond ZSR

What about materials not held by ZSR? 

If you can't find the information you need in ZSR Library's holdings in Primo, you can choose "Include Items with No Full Text" in the facets on the left side to expand your search beyond ZSR. Make sure to limit to the types of sources you want to see first (i.e. books or book chapters), so that you don't get overwhelmed by the number of results! You can also try searching: 

How do I get materials not held by ZSR?

You can request materials not held by ZSR through Interlibrary Loan. (Remember that it may take 1-2 weeks or more for items to arrive through Interlibrary Loan, so plan ahead!) Note that libraries are not allowed to loan ebooks through Interlibrary Loan. You can, however, request scans of individual chapters or portions of books through Interlibrary Loan. These can be sent to you via PDF (usually within 72 hours) and will arrive more quickly than a physical book.

How do I make a request through ILL? 

To place a request, log into the ZSR Delivers using your WFU username and password. Choose Interlibrary Loan to request a book or Copy/Scan to request a book chapter or article. Fill out the form with the citation information for the item that you want to request. Remember, the more information you can provide, the better! 

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