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FYS100-Mis/Disinformation on the Internet: Research Resources

Research resources for the FYS100-Mis/Disinformation on the Internet

News Sources

Possible News Sources to use. This list was derived from the Media Bias Chart from Adfontes Media. We used the ‘Most Reliable for News’ designation list with a couple of execeptions for sites that use one of the other sites as their primary source of news (i.e. sites that get the majority of their news from Reuters or AP). 

Background/Reference Research Resources from the ZSR Library's Collection

One way to find background information on your topic, is to search that topic on the main ZSR Page - then scroll to the bottom of the results page and click the link that says 'Reference' -- that will provide you with articles from reference books on your topic. 

Another way is to search our ZSR Catalog and find a book on your topic and use the introduction to that book as your background. 

Remember when you are searching to put phrases in quotation marks "Vegetable Lamb of Tartary" or "Report from Iron Mountain" 

Online Catalog

We have two ways your can find books and ebooks. You can use the main search on the ZSR Homepage and then look in the Book box in the top center of the results page. Click the small link that says 'Showing 1-3 of xxxx Results' to go to the full list of books we have. 

You can also go straight to the library's online catalog to locate books and other materials.

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

When looking for journal articles, you can search in the box on the ZSR Homepage and then look in the results in the top right box to find them. Often, however, it makes more sense to go into a smaller database to find scholarly material. Linked below are some general databases, and some subject-specific databases that might be of some help. 

General Databases

Subject Databases

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