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POL 210: Black Lives Matter: Home

This guide is for students in the Black Lives Matter course.


This research guide is designed for students doing research in Black Lives Matter (Spring 2021). If you run into any obstacles, don't hesitate to contact me at or schedule a meeting. ~ Rosalind Tedford

Policy Analysis and Web Sources

Policy analysis organizations will differ depending on your topic, but here are some places to start.

Other Useful Web Sites

Media Organizations

Open Access Journal Content

Search Across Multiple Organizations

Most research organizations, think tanks, advocacy groups make their content and research available for free online. Their content, however, does not always rise to the top in a general Google search. You can use these pre-scoped search options to JUST search across these kinds of organizations. 

Government Information

The US Government is the largest publisher of information in the world. They publish data, research, reports, hearings, policy analyses, etc. and they can be rich sources of ideas and information. Their materials are largely available freely on the web but can be a bit tricky to find in a straight Google search (unless you limit your search to .gov web sites which you can do by putting .gov: in front of your search) Use the links below to get you started. 

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